Final Oscar Predictions: A Royal Flush?

  The long and winding road that began with my initial predictions in early April of last year, finds a last place of rest in the following post. 

   So much can change in the full year of an Oscar race.  My initial pick to win Best Picture was Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, which ended up being pushed back until 2011.  Once they announced that the move was official (back in August), I switched to David Fincher’s upcoming Facebook movie, The Social Network, as the film to beat.  I have to admit that it was the trailer that sold me from the very start.  The Radiohead cover of “Creep”, by the women’s choir known as Scala, sent chills down my spine as we got our first glimpse at what would become arguably the best film of the year.  The Social Network remained in my predicted winner spot for over 5 months, and began an unprecedented run through the critics awards taking almost every single one, including the NY Film Critics, LA Film Critics, The Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes), and the Critics’ Choice Award.

   Read more on my end of the year review and see my final Oscar predictions after the jump…