When the Transformed Join Forces, Brilliantly: Fritz Lang and Joan Bennett

 (Editor’s note:  This will be the first of an occasional series on Gary’s favorite movie decade – the 1940s – one of the best eras in cinema history.)    “Joan Bennett was wonderful to work with and I enoyed it very much; I think at the beginning she enjoyed 

The Twilight Award…Errr… MTV Movie Award Nominees Announced

 It’s always funny to see films like The Social Network and Black Swan lined up against films like The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in a Best Picture race.  It’s even more funny to realize the former two don’t stand much of a chance against the latter.    Anyone want to place ..

My Initial Best Supporting Actor/Actress Predictions for 2011

 In continuing with my “it’s way too early to be predicting this crap, but I’m going to anyway” series, today I am presenting my initial predictions for Best Supporting Actor and Actress.  You can view my first look at the Lead Acting categories here, Director here, and Picture here.    The