Art Directors Guild Award Winners

 The Art Directors Guild Awards honor films in three genres, so they pretty much cover all the bases.  Although there might not be a whole lot to learn about who will win the Oscar for this category, you might get a glimpse of who might be out of it.  Alice in Wonderland is considered one of the front runners to win the Oscar for Best Art Direction, but is noticeably absent from the winners list.  I currently have The King’s Speech predicted to win the Oscar, so I’m not surprised to see it turn up here.Contemporary feature film: Therese DePrez, BLACK SWANFantasy feature film: Guy Hendrix Dyas, INCEPTIONPeriod feature film: Eve Stewart, THE KING’S SPEECH

‘Dragon’ Dominates the Annie Awards

After wiping the floor with Toy Story 3 at the Visual Effects Society Awards, How to Train Your Dragoncontinues to rake by winning 10 Annie Awards Saturday night.   

   But don’t get too excited, Dragon fans.  A big part of the reason Dragon won 10 Annies was due to Disney/Pixar boycotting the 38th annual presentation with complaints they have about the voting process.  Disney/Pixar still received 7 nominations, but the heavy dose of awards went to the DreamWorks Animation team. 

   All this buzz for Dragon leading into the final voting stage could spell an upset at the Oscars, but I would bet strongly against that happening.  You have to remember, voters will be looking to recognize the entire Toy Story franchise this year, since the Best Animated Feature Oscar was not in existence during the first two films run.  Not to mention, the Disney/Pixar film is up for Best Picture.  It would be a little more than silly to have it be the only animated film nominated for the best film overall, if it is not going to at least win its own genre category.

   Check out the Annie winners for film after the jump…

Super 8 Super Bowl Spot

 The Steven Spielberg produced, J.J. Abrams directed film that has me on pins and needles to see debuted some footage during the Super Bowl.  Super 8 looks absolutely amazing from what we have seen so far.  But how else do you expect me to feel about a movie brought to us by the guys who gave us E.T. and LOST?!   It just looks magical already. 

   Due out June 10th.